Simon Harrison Brand Story

Inspired by the Art Of Storytelling

Like jewellery, stories get passed down through generations. This is why the art of storytelling is at the heart of every piece we create. From greek mythology to English fairytales, our collections are infused with stories of old and reimagined for the modern-day through our contemporary designs.

Every necklace, bracelet, ring and pendant has a story and a message behind it, something to be interpreted and retold by you, the wearer. As with all stories, the meaning behind the piece takes on a life of its own once adopted by the individual. The jewellery’s origin intrinsically linked with the personal message you are projecting into the world. Our jewellery becomes part of your story, and you become part of ours.

Designed for Connection and Conversation

Just as storytelling has been part of the human experience since the beginning of time, so too has jewellery. It’s believed that our ancestors were wearing shell pendants long before they were wearing clothes. This primal urge to create emblems that represent us as people, or to give as tokens of love, is why jewellery is such a powerful vehicle for human connection.

Our bold and intricate jewellery sparks conversation, a source of intrigue that can break the ice between strangers and form the foundation of new relationships. It also gives the viewer a window into your personality. Even when wearing a simple black dress, a Simon Harrison piece is a nod to your rebellious and creative side, a shining glint of individuality in an often monotonous world.

Grounded in Craftsmanship

Since the late 1970s, Simon and our team have made jewellery for some of the most iconic names in fashion. Our design and craft teams have a total of 250 years of jewellery making experience between them and each member is a leading expert within the field of fashion jewellery they specialise in.

Our collections are created in our Central London studio, with extraordinary attention to detail. Movement is a key feature of each collection, giving the jewellery a sense of life, whilst hidden details add an element of joy and surprise for the wearer. These features are what drive the unique aesthetic of the Simon Harrison collection, and show the level of passion and creativity expressed by our team.

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