Expressive jewellery brings joy

We believe that jewellery should express something about the wearer and bring them joy

Jewellery is our passion. It is the goal of the Simon Harrison team to create expressive, inspiring and accessible fashion jewellery that brings joy to those who wear it. We are motivated by a happy team environment and the satisfaction of a job well done. Our enjoyment of jewellery is intuitive; not that different from primitive man’s first impulse to wear a beautiful shell around his neck or to pass that on as a token of love. We believe that jewellery should be uplifting to the wearer and an expression of their personality.

Since the late 1970s Simon and our team of designers and craftsmen have made jewellery for some of the most iconic names in fashion. With a body of work which captures pioneering moments in contemporary style, Simon’s team have helped costume jewellery to become the vibrant category it is today. It is this experience within the world of luxury accessories that has earned the expertise and freedom to shape the unique aesthetic of the Simon Harrison collection. In our Central London studio, highly skilled designers and craftsmen produce pieces of jewellery with extraordinary attention to detail. Craftsmanship is why we exist.

Relationship building puts people first

We care about our customers, building respectful and trusting relationships with them

We honour and respect the people who choose to wear our jewellery. We would never take their loyalty for granted. We always aim to offer our customers inspirational designs at the highest product quality and best value for money. We care about every detail of what we do. At Simon Harrison Ltd our products and service revolve around people. We get things done by building long term happy relationships that lead to success. Everyone on our team is dedicated to helping each other to deliver to promise. Our customers are our focus.

Our company is built on a foundation of specialist knowledge. The key members of our team are all leading experts within the field of fashion jewellery. Our design and craft teams have a total of 250 years of jewellery making experience between them. One of the founding principles of the company is that growth for everyone comes from the support of colleagues and the free flow of information. Authority is shared or given according to ability to achieve a particular task. Our jewellery collection is a truly collaborative process where every member of our team contributes to our success by working to the highest level of their expertise.