Cosmic DNA

Ask anyone what their horoscope is and they’ll almost certainly reply with a swift ‘Libra’ or ‘Scorpio’. But your cosmic DNA is made up of so much more than simply the date and month you were born. In different areas of the world, different signs relate to the date you were born. These individual elements not only create an identity that is as unique as you, but they can also be combined within our Talisman collection to create stunning stacked necklaces that represent the complexities or your astrological personality.

Western Zodiac

In the UK, Western Zodiac is the most commonly used signs. These are the ones you will find if you flick to the back of any fashion magazine, and the ones we pin the majority of our personality traits on (That’s such a Virgo thing to say). The 12 signs - including Taurus and Cancer - are based on the constellations of stars in the sky that correspond with each sign, and the juxtaposition between the sun and these constellations on the day you were born. Within this Zodiac, your sun sign is probably the one you primarily identify with - at least when looking to read your monthly horoscopes. In astrological terms, your sun sign is your identity. Just as the sun is at the core of our solar system, your sun sign represents the core of your personality. It’s how you express your true self and your individuality and the essence within you that shines out into the world.

Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac also comprises of 12 signs - but these are based on earthly animals rather than star constellations. Each year is assigned an animal - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog or Pig and this cycle repeats every 12 years. However, the Chinese base their horoscopes on the lunar calendar - with the Chinese New Year falling somewhere between the 21st January and 20th February - so if you’re born in the first quarter of the year, you may want to check which animal represents you. Much like the Western Zodiac, each animal is indicative of characteristics that are believed to be exhibited by those born in that year. For example, those born in the Year of the Rat are believed to be quick-witted and resourceful, whereas people born in the year of the Tiger are thought to be brave and competitive.

Chinese Five Elements Signs

Alongside the animals that make up the Eastern Zodiac, there are also element signs. The five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water — are believed to be the fundamental basis of everything in the universe, including our relationships. Chinese astrologers believe that our personalities and fortunes are dictated by both the animal and the element which represents our birth year. Once you know your Chinese Zodiac animal, you can use this to find the corresponding element. Each element has its own associated personality traits and characteristics - often influenced by the seasons. Fire is indicative of passion and enthusiasm whilst Earth with stability and security. Metal is associated with righteousness and ambition, Wood with creativity and luxuriance and people represented by water are known for their agile mind and mental strength.

Celtic Zodiac

The natural world is incredibly important in Celtic traditions, and trees especially were intrinsic to their spiritual beliefs. Even the word ‘Druid’ - which was used to describe a certain sect of especially knowledgeable Ancient Celts - is derived from the Irish-Gaelic word for ‘oak tree’. Trees were also used to represent the characteristics of individuals born at certain times of the year, a form of Zodiac. Druids would associate the likeness of the trees with the personalities of the people born under their rule. For example, those born under Reed were believed to be the most inquisitive and those born under Ash are known to be naturally artistic. However, the Celts also believed each month was represented by a precious stone. In the Simon Harrison Talisman collection, our Celtic Zodiac designs combine both the birthstone and its associated Ancient Tree symbol.

Stacking Your Talisman Pendants

The beauty of the Talisman collection is that you can stack various pendants to represent a cosmic DNA that is as unique as you. Whether you feel more connected to Western, Chinese or Celtic Zodiac, there’s a stacking combination to suit everyone. Or, like us, you can stack all four, for a truly holistic view of your personality.

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