Meet the Jewellery Maker: Aneta

Meet the Jewellery Makers

In the Central London studio of Simon Harrison, you’ll find a team of experienced and passionate creatives, all who share Simon’s desire to create jewellery that is both thought-provoking and unique. Each person brings their own specific expertise to the bench when creating the intricate and complex pieces that make up the brand’s five collections. Today, we sit down to chat with Aneta.

Aneta – Product Development Technician

Aneta is Simon Harrison’s enamelling and stoning specialist. She is responsible for creating the bold colourways that are synonymous with our collections and the delicate blending techniques that give pieces like the Electra necklace the distinctive colour that dances in the light.

She studied art in her native Krakow for 5 years before moving to London in 2004. Wanting to find a job that allowed her to stay connected to her creativity, she applied for a role at Simon Harrison. Over the years she has worked in many areas of the business, starting off in quality control, before moving to repairs and then to stoning and enamelling - where she found her strength and the opportunity to flex her artistic muscles once again. This crucial part of the jewellery making process also gives Aneta the chance to express some individuality.

‘It might look straightforward - like red is red - but actually you can make red in so many different ways. I have my own way of creating it and if someone else was making that colour it would be completely different.`

It’s unsurprising that Aneta’s favourite piece is one of the most colourful - the cactus necklace from the Khalo collection. However, it’s not only the azure ombre tones that Aneta loves but the unique design.

‘It’s a crazy idea, you wouldn’t necessarily think of wearing a cactus around your neck but it works! When I was working on it, I realised - this was very special and so different.’

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