Meet the Jewellery Maker: Simon

Meet the Jewellery Makers

In the Central London studio of Simon Harrison, you’ll find a team of experienced and passionate creatives, all who share Simon’s desire to create jewellery that is both thought-provoking and unique. Each person brings their own specific expertise to the bench when creating the intricate and complex pieces that make up the brand’s five collections. Today, we sit down to chat with Simon.

Simon – Senior Model Maker

There are in fact two Simon’s behind the stunning jewellery at Simon Harrison. Simon Keeling is one of the team’s other senior model makers and has worked with the brand for over 10 years. An innate creative, Simon tried numerous forms of artistry - from fine art to photography - before a chance part-time job at a jeweller set him on his current career path.

`I've always been interested in making stuff by hand, and jewellery making was way more hands-on than something like photography.’

His time at Simon Harrison has allowed Simon to constantly update his skill set, thanks to the diverse experience of the team and the collision of the old and new techniques of jewellery making that are exhibited in the studio.

‘All the model makers here have learnt it from somewhere else, so I’m growing all the time. My hand-making has gotten better since being here and I’ve also had a chance to work on the computer which is something I hadn’t done before. I think now I’m a great example of using all those skills - the traditional and the modern - to create something great.’

Simon’s favourite piece that he helped create is the Bear bracelet. ‘I loved doing that - it was a lot of working out. That’s the fun thing about Simon Harrison jewellery, it tends to be a bit more complicated, and you have to engineer something that works but also looks good. But the thing I like the most is the final outcome of it. It looks cool when it’s lying down and it’s kind of punky when people wear it’.

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