Meet The Jewellery Maker: David

In the Central London studio of Simon Harrison, you’ll find a team of experienced and passionate creatives, all who share Simon’s desire to create jewellery that is both thought-provoking and unique. Each person brings their own specific expertise to the bench when creating the intricate and complex pieces that make up the brand’s five collections. Today, we sit down to chat with David Goodwin, Design Director.

For Simon Harrison’s Design Director, David, it’s the cross over between product design and fine art that first appealed to him when he decided to pursue a career in jewellery. ‘Jewellery allows you to express both of those things. You can use it as a medium for conveying a narrative, but you also have to have consideration for the design elements - how it will sit on the body and how the wearer and viewer will interact with it’.

David began his education at The Glasgow School of Art, before spending a year at Bishopsland Workshops, near Henley on Thames. Here, he honed his craft and curated an impressive portfolio that earned him a place at the Royal College of Art. At the RCA, David combined his knowledge of the traditional craft with future techniques, including 3D printing. After a spell working at the RCA post-graduation, he spent 5 years as a senior lecturer at The Cass - part of London Met University. Whilst he hadn't originally planned to go into teaching, it became a truly rewarding part of his career. ‘It was about ensuring that jewellery & silversmithing - as a discipline - was thriving, and having input into that, passing your skills on and giving back.’

David joined Simon Harrison in June 2011, and he now heads up the talented creative team. He thrives on the aesthetic freedom the brand gives him, and the opportunity to push the boundaries - as well as working with such a talented team. ‘We all came with that want to produce something outstanding, something different, something we can be proud of and I think it’s inherent within the team - we rely on people for their expertise.’

Whilst David spends most of his time designing new pieces for the collection, when it comes to making jewellery he still favours the traditional, artisanal way of doing things. ‘I love being at the bench. There's something very primal about getting a bit of metal and your tools, and just working on it, creating something out of sheet metal and wire. You’re bringing something new to the world, bringing an idea to life.’

David struggles to pick his favourite Simon Harrison piece, but the Electra collection stands out to him. ‘The colour application and the humour - the big fish eating the little fish with the clasp - those details are the elements that make the collection stand out from other designers, it's very different to anything else out there. A big part of our identity is the craftsmanship in each piece.’