This collection conveys the unique spirit of Frida, whilst celebrating the craftsmanship and design that we are renowned for. An unrivalled attention to detail including a bespoke closure.

The cactus Opuntia, commonly known as prickly pear, is an enduring symbol of Mexico. From Aztec creation stories to the modern day flag it is a constant in the country’s rich history. Archaeological evidence reveals that humans have cultivated the prickly pear for over 8,000 years in the region. Its heritage standing proud not just in the Mexican landscape but also embodied in the spirit of the nation.

The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, understood the power of it symbolism. Famed for her autobiographic style of painting and patriotic stance. Her work celebrated national identity with its fusion of naïve folk and surrealism. Frida’s life was as colourful as her canvases, tragic, dramatic, defiant and uncompromising. Her work is celebrated internationally and continues to bloom, like a flower in the Mexican desert.

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