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Social & Environmental Responsibility


Simon Harrison Ltd creates high-quality licensed fashion jewellery collections for two brands; Simon Harrison Jewellery and all we are. Our jewellery is designed and developed at our head office in London Bridge, and we manufacture in collaboration with a dedicated selection of supplier partners. The team at Simon Harrison Ltd continually evaluates its social and environmental impact and we work closely with our suppliers and collaborators to ensure they do the same.

This statement is based on the following ethical guidelines:

Our Values

Simon Harrison Ltd stands for:

  • Bringing joy to those who wear our jewellery through inspiring, expressive design
  • Prioritising people; from customer happiness to employee job satisfaction and the wellbeing of those along our supply chain
  • Maintaining respectful, trusting working environments and long-term relationships with business partners, suppliers, and customers

Studio Community

Initial jewellery designs are developed in our head office and studio space at London Bridge. From concept sketches to final wear tests, our London team is fully involved in the development and production of each collection.

We value our working environment and are proud to maintain a head office and studio that supports its employees no matter their race, sexuality, or gender. At its heart, Simon Harrison Ltd celebrates diversity, and we are supportive of every individual in our design, development, and distribution chain. We are committed to transparency from the very beginning, and therefore disclose salaries in our job adverts.

Everyone in the business is dedicated to helping one another – whether that’s to achieve success in their roles or to provide support elsewhere. Our team shares a strong work ethic for collaboration and fairness which defines our company culture. We organise regular team-building events and socials to uplift our colleagues, and we offer flexible working to ensure a comfortable work and life balance.

Environment & Emissions

We recycle our head office waste through First Mile. Between 2021 and 2022, we saved 3 tonnes of CO2 by recycling waste from our head office. Throughout 2022 we aim to improve our recycling rate to further reduce our CO2 emission.

We offer virtual showrooms for all our brands to reach partners around the world, creating a significant reduction in travel and emissions. Although we love to host guests at our showroom, we are also dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, so we maintain a balance of both showroom types.

Manufacturing Partners

Simon Harrison Ltd limits its manufacturing to a selection of four suppliers, with whom we have built long-standing and trusting relationships. These four suppliers are based in small factories that are audited annually to ensure a zero-harm culture for all our workers, as well as the communities in which we operate.

We are proud to support our supply partners in raising their standards to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry and market. We will always share our technical expertise and offer training to encourage the development of their craftspeople and administrators. Never settling for the status quo, Simon Harrison Ltd seeks to provide partners with the knowledge and technologies required to improve the economic, social, and environmental outcomes of their community. This collaborative approach allows for the long-term growth of our manufacturing partners and our jewellery collections.


Simon Harrison Ltd understands the effect of packing materials on the environment, which is why we ensure all our packaging is recyclable or reusable. Just like our collections, our packaging is designed to stand the test of time. Store your Simon Harrison jewellery in its beautiful keepsake box and it will always be ready to wear.

As of 2022, Simon Harrison Ltd has halved its use of polythene bags, and all the bags we do use contain at least 30% recycled content. We have also eliminated fabric jewellery pouches from our packaging. Our next goal will be to transfer all care instructions to a QR code to minimise paper waste.

For the Simon Harrison Jewellery collection, we plan to change our presentation packaging boxes from heavy-gauge lacquered wood to lighter, untreated cardboard. This will reduce the materials used and eliminate chemical and process-intensive surface coatings. These changes will also significantly reduce transportation energy emissions.

Jewellery Lifecycle

The Simon Harrison jewellery collection is inspired by the art of storytelling. Every time you put on your Simon Harrison piece, you are getting ready for a new chapter of your story – one where you spark conversation, connect with your surroundings, and stand out from the crowd.

Since our jewellery is a celebration of storytelling, it’s no surprise that our designers are also influenced by the ever-changing environment. Our aim is to create a more circular jewellery lifecycle, where pieces are treasured for years and passed down through generations. We conduct extensive wear testing to make sure our jewellery is flawless, but if something goes wrong, please get in touch – our designers will be more than happy to take a look.

Read more about our designs on our About Us page.

Positive Luxury

Simon Harrison Ltd is always looking for new ways to improve the environment in which our jewellery is designed, produced, and enjoyed. We are proud to be accredited with the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, which certifies our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

The Positive Luxury review system identifies where we are excelling in our sustainability journey, and how to make even more improvements. Under the guidance of the team at Positive Luxury, we can constantly work towards a more sustainable future for our brands.

View our commitment on the Positive Luxury website for more information

Goals & Promises

Simon Harrison considers its sustainability journey to be an ongoing challenge, rather than a single goal to achieve, so we regularly review our processes to ensure they are the best they can be. We will always check in with new achievements and goals as we develop them. Key measures and outcomes will be reviewed and updated for each of the areas on this statement.

Through the generosity of our company and its people, Simon Harrison Ltd seeks to work with communities to improve their conditions in a sustainable way. For example, in early 2022 we offered a range of computers to a nearby school to encourage the learning and creativity of local young people. We support both regional and worldwide causes, and most recently collaborated with the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund. We’ve aimed to feature Ukrainian musicians and artists in our campaigns this year too. Whether it’s through supplying jewellery for charity auctions or partnering with specific community groups, here at Simon Harrison Ltd we provide a hand-up, not a hand-out across the continents in which we work.